Our Story

RecoVend started with just a thought — why isn't there a resource to help higher education administrators collaborate across departments and institutions on discovering, researching and buying products and services? We saw firsthand that colleges and universities were stuck in an offline, inefficient and non collaborative buying process that hamstrung the school's ability to control costs. We believe that anyone working at a school, from a teacher to admissions to IT and facilities, should have a free resource available for them to find and share the experiences and reviews of their peers, discovering the best products for the job.

RecoVend is the easy and simple way for you to connect with the people, information and knowledge you need to make your job easier. Our collaborative tool kit helps connect you to your peers, whether they are across the hall or across the country, to save you time and money through more informed, more efficient purchasing. And the best part? We're 100% free for you to use!

What is RecoVend?

Founded in August 2011, RecoVend, Inc. is a free resource that helps administrators connect to the information, experiences and knowledge of their peers across institutions. We facilitate the discovery, research and purchasing of goods and services by Higher Education institutions through our collaborative purchasing platform. RecoVend, Inc. is a privately held company and is currently based in Providence, Rhode Island as a part of the Betaspring startup accelerator.